Device for Multidisciplinary Treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Maker - Sensing - App Development - 2022

My teamates and I designed and implemented seasonal depression monitoring system that helps the user to be more active and fight against some of the most common depression symptoms.  The system is a combination of a mobile sensing app and a smart lamp (a SAD lamp, a speaker and a raspberry)

This is done by combining an app that collects the users phisical activity and location with that location’s weather and UV index to estimate, based on WHO recommendations if the system need needs to actuate. Automatically and only once a day the smart lamp will communicate to the user if they had enough exercise, and based on the weather forecast, recommend activities, a moodlifting song and if necessary, some minutes of exposure to the SAD light.

It was really interesting to work on this project as it required many different skills. Although we were able to incorporate the designed features, we had to leave behind making a case for it.