Procedurally generated fire

Procedural Content Generation - 2020

This was a project from my bachelor's course “Advance Programming”. The assignment consisted of generating any type of media using procedural algorithms. I decided to recreate fire as I found very interesting the movement of the flames.
This set of images was generated using three layers of 3D Perlin Noise. While the first two dimensions were used to create the images, the third dimension was used to help with the flame movement simulation by playing with the flame's depth and intensity. Each layer of Perlin Noise was used to add texture and shape the flame. To recreate the colors of the fire, for each point of the image, the distance to a reference point was obtained, associating then a color to it.
This project unraveled me the possibilities procedural algorithms offer when creating visual or auditive elements. It was interesting to discover that by just twitching slightly the parameters, it was possible to create many different things that else would take complex algorithms or many hours of design.

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