Plantme, a self assesment app for wellbeing

UXApp Development - 2021

This was a 3-person group project made for Personal Data Interaction and Wearables course, where we designed and partialy implemented a sef assesment app for wellbeing. Plantme tracks the user’s music listening behaviour, physical activity and mood imput to generate a visual diary in the shape of a garden.

Using spotify API, the listening history of the user is analized using the songs’ features that categorize the songs based on the energy, mood, etc. Combined with the monitoring of physical activity through the phone accelometer and the users own reflexion about their mood, a score is obtained. This score is then transformed into a plant. In the garden view, the user can easilly take glance into how their welllbeing through the month has fluctuated.

This project required me and my team to combine UX, data visualization and app development tasks that gave me a great perspective into how transform an idea into a solution.

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