Arduino prototype for a car parking sensor

Maker - Sensing - 2019

As a final project for an innovation course, my teammate and I designed and implemented a prototype in Arduino for a novel parking system. The purpose was to facilitate parking for users, savaing their time and reducing the pollution in big cities.

The idea evolved around a system that integrates the public databases from big cities and combine it with ML and a map services platform to create a database with all the parking spots in the city. The platform will update in real time the parking spots available by using sensors incorporated into private or pubic services. In order to park, the user will make a request and the system will respond with the fastest or nearest available spot. By incorporating the sensors to oubic serrvices such as taxis or buses, there will be a continuosly updated database, as well as if private users use them too. The arduino prototype consisted of a proximity sensor that sended a message to a server with the GPS coordinates of the free spot.

This project was my first approach to Arduino. Although the circuit was very simple, it was an interesting introduction to a very useful tool for prototyping.