MSc Human-Centered AI
BSc Software Engineering


I am passionate about exploring innovative ways of interacting with digital media. I leverage this to make a bigger impact on the audience by creating immersive experiences where they get to interact with their environment.

I come from a software development background and recently transitioned into working on creative projects within cultural and artistic applications. Given my technical background and my creative inclinations, I find myself enjoying working within the intersection of both fields.

My curiosity always pushes me to keep exploring new technologies, and I easily adapt to changes.


I was born and raised in Madrid, but nowadays I am based in Copenhagen.

I have always been passionate about music, and since I was 7, it has played a very important role in my life. Back then was when I started to play the drums. As part of that journey, I have been working as a drum teacher for kids, playing semi-professionally in a few bands, composing and recording an album, and playing it live in some venues and events. Nowadays, my music career is a bit calmer, but I am currently learning to play the bass guitar and still play the drums in a brass band.

A recent hobby I've been enjoying lately is solving jigsaw puzzles. I know, it doesn't sound as cool as being a rockstar but honestly, If there were such a thing as being a "puzzlestar", I would probably be one.

When it comes to sports, I have always liked football, and nowadays I am playing futsal in the 1st danish division. Although I don't get to play many minutes in the games, I enjoy training and the team dynamics.